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What We Do

As the sun sets on your pet's life, let us help you honor them with dignity and grace.


Services We Offer

Cremation through the natural and gentle Aquamation process

24/7 pet pickup and transport from residence or veterinary office

Cremation in a quick and respectful manner

Personalized clay paw prints and urns

Affordable pricing


Gentler than traditional cremation
Greener alternative
Receive 20% more remains

No harmful greenhouse gasses

1/10 of the carbon foot print of traditional

90% energy savings of cremation

Safe for the environment

A gentler way to honor your beloved pet

Aquamation is a water-based process that's an eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation and burial. It uses water instead of fire to return a body back to Mother Nature.


The scientific name for this water-based process is alkaline hydrolysis. It is the same process that occurs as part of nature's course when a body is laid to rest in the soil.  Although the process is water-based, it uses less water than a single household uses in one day from start to finish.

The water-based process is 95% water and 5% alkali.  The alkali used in this process is the same alkali used in cosmetics, soaps, shaving creams, and even food preparation.  By the end of the process, the chemical has been used and no longer remains in the solution.  The remaining liquid is safe enough to be used as a nutrient rich, organic fertilizer.


If you are interested in any sort of additional memorabilia items, please click the links below to see what options we have available:

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